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WAKY Composite Airchecks

On this page you'll find several WAKY composites...that is, airchecks of more than one personality. Most of the composites were made at WAKY, while the rest were assembled by us. 

This quickie WAKY composite from October of 1971 has breaks from Bill Bailey, Cris Lundy,
Johnny Randolph, Mason Lee Dixon and Jason O'Brian.

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In early 1972, WAKY Production Director Mike Griffin was asked to put together a WKLO-WAKY comparison for the LIN Broadcasting home office. This unnarrated composite -- which was re-edited and remixed in 2005 -- features a daypart-by-daypart look at Louisville's two great Top 40 stations. The WKLO lineup included Lee Gray, Mark Elliot, Chuck Brady, Brother Bill Love, Jonathon Stone and J.J. Wright. The WAKY team features Bill Bailey with Reed Yadon, Cris Lundy, Johnny Randolph, Gary Burbank, Jason O'Brian and Mason Lee Dixon.
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This 1972 composite (narrated by Gary Burbank) features Bill Bailey, Dude Walker,
Johnny Randolph, Gary Burbank, Jason O'Brian and Lee Masters.

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This aircheck was recorded during WAKY's Amateur Weekend in 1972. You'll hear Gary Burbank,
Jason O'Brian, Mason Lee Dixon and Kentuckiana's "most talented" performers.

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Furnished by early 70s newsman Len King, this composite features Len,
Gary Burbank and Johnny Randolph -- and lots of clowning around.

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This very well done 1973 composite also features narration by Gary Burbank, plus off-the-air comments from Johnny Randolph and all the jocks. The lineup includes Bill Bailey, Dude Walker, Johnny Randolph, Gary Burbank, Jason O'Brian, Lee Masters and Kevin McCarthy.
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Here's another composite from 1973, narrated by Johnny Randolph. Gary Burbank and Jason O'Brian had left earlier in the year, so a new compilation was in order. You'll hear airchecks of Bill Bailey,
Dude Walker, Lee Masters, Coyote Calhoun, Chuck Jackson and Kevin McCarthy.

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This 1978 composite features Bill Bailey, Gary King, Bob Moody, Coyote Calhoun,
Chuck Jackson, Ed Phillips, Tom Prestigiacomo, and a slew of WAKY promos.

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This quickie 1979 composite includes Liz Curtis, B.J. Koltee,
Steven Lee Cook, Bob Moody and Keith Landecker.

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Included in this 1981 composite are Tim & Ev Kelly, Jack Petrey, Liz Curtis and Bob Moody.
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This 1982 aircheck composite shows off WAKY's all-oldies format. (WAKY went Oldies
on March 1, 1982.) Jocks include Liz Curtis, Steve Cook and Bob Moody.

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This montage was assembled from WAKY airchecks submitted by Mark Mulloy and
features old WAKY jingles and breaks from Mason Lee Dixon, Bob Moody,
Steven Lee Cook, B.J. Koltee, Liz Curtis and others.
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Jocks in this 1986 composite include Chris Taylor, Sheila Richards, Gary Clark, Joe Elliot & Mark Stahr.
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