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Dude Walker Airchecks

John W. "Dude" Walker was a WAKY fixture between 1968 and 1974 except for a few months in '71 and '72 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At WAKY he worked PM drive, nights and middays. On this page you can download Dude Walker airchecks from the Super 79. All airchecks are in MP3 format and are arranged chronologically (when dates are available). 

Here's Dude on a 1969 Million Dollar Weekend.
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This '69 check was recorded right off the board.
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John W. is sounding fine in '69.
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Check out Dude from late 1969.
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Here's Dude cooking on the Super 79 in 1971.
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Dude Walker says goodbye to Weird Beard on September 30, 1971
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Dude Walker plays the hits in 1973.
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Dude Walker does middays in the Summer of 1973.
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This '73 aircheck features one of Len King's last WAKY newscasts.
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Here's the last part of Dude Walker's final show
before leaving Louisville for CHUM in Toronto in December of 1973.

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Before he was Dude Walker at WAKY, he was Johnny Dark at WMPS in Memphis.
We thought Dude Walker fans would enjoy this Johnny Dark WMPS aircheck from early 1966,
recorded right off the board before the processing.

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Dude Walker left WAKY in November 1971 to take a job as PD at WDXB in Chattanooga.
Here's Dude doing PM Drive on WDXB in 1972. Notice any similarities to WAKY?
(Luckily for Louisville, he was back at WAKY later that year.)

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