This page last updated Sunday, August 25, 2013


Bill Bailey's Dream Retirement Plan

Regular listeners of Bill Baileys show on WAKY will remember him talking about the business he wanted to open upon retirement. Well -- it never actually happened -- but we've got the tools to make the Duke's dream come true (sort of). The son of former WAKY GM George Francis, Jr., George III, provided the images and former WAKY PD Bob Moody gives us the background.   

"Bill Bailey had been talking about his lifetime goal of owning a Stuckey's somewhere off I-64 before I worked with him. It was sort of his retirement plan. At some point he came up with the idea that it would be at the Waddy-Peytona exit. When I began doing the Hiney Wine commercials (syndicated by Terry Dorsey from Dallas), I decided to locate the winery in Waddy. The combination of those two fantasies resulted in a lot of jokes about that exit, which were not entirely appreciated by the local residents.

"Bailey also had a plan for WAKY Airlines, which would be based at a landing strip he planned to build next to the Stuckey's. This was probably related to the fact that Reed Yadon and Woody Styles were both pilots."