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WAKY Jingles, Promos, Production, Etc.

On this page you'll find downloadable WAKY jingles, promos and other audio delights in MP3 format.

Do you have any WAKY jingles or other on-air production to share? Drop us a line. We'll be happy to archive any WAKY jingle or promo tapes we don't already have to CD at no charge.

Don Worsham of the Media Preservation Society writes: "I have spoken several times with former WAKY/McClendon DJ Jack Grady. He was at WAKY when the switch was made from WGRC. He indicated that the station also had the CRC Sing-A-Long jingles on the air. These were Mitch Miller sound-a-likes done by Tom Merriman in early 1961. There were 2 different series, #15 and #18."

WAKY Jingles
The Famous WAKY Shout

Nearly everybody who was a WAKY fan in the '70s remembers the WAKY Shout. It was usually played over record intros right before the vocalist began singing. Today it plays when the homepage of this Website is loaded. But where did it come from? We've heard an aircheck where Johnny Randolph alludes that it was done in the WAKY Production Room, but former Production Director Mike Griffin has written that there was no reverb unit in the production studios -- and the shout definitely has lots of reverb. We assumed Randolph was joking around on the aircheck and that the shout actually came from PAMS or another Dallas jingle company, and WAKY then compressed the heck of it for more on-air "oomph." (WAKY did have compressors in their production room.) Even someone who works for one of Dallas' top jingle companies thought it was done by the PAMS singers, since PAMS did all of the WAKY jingles in the first half of the '70s. So, in February 2006 we e-mailed JR himself to get the "true story" behind the famous WAKY Shout:

"The shout came about this way: It began with an idea I had to lay a WAKY shout over the first post of the song followed by an "X" in a row shout just before the vocal. This would open all music sweeps (which were few and far between). The first thing we did was the shout which was done in two takes. We followed with the "X" in a row shouts.

Hear the way it sounded on the air in 1971.

"After hearing the latter on the air, I wasn't happy with the way it sounded, but I did like the WAKY shout. One of the true benefits of this item was it worked like Pavlov's Dog Theory in that we would lay the shout in the first post or just before the vocal and as a result, whenever the song played I would see people lip syncing where the shout was or should have been. For a psych major like me this was super.

"Anyway, on the shout are a black sales secretary named Brenda, Gary Burbank, Marsha the receptionist and myself. I took the raw version of the shout down to Allen-Martin (a local recording studio) and they added reverb to it and compressed it. (Super trivia: Allen-Martin used to be known as SAMBO which is short for Don Schwartz, Ray Allen and Hardy Martin. [The "BO" stood stood for Booking Organization.] All the Louisville hit songs were recorded there.)"

A Google search turned up this newsgroup item written in 2002 by Bob Newberry, who evidently worked at WAKY in the 1980s:

"Shortly before my tenure at WAKY 790 in Louisville in 1980, they had a Mackenzie [Repeater] hard-wired across the program bus of the console. When the 'WACKY' shout tape did not stop, Bill Bailey, who had been there forever, simply opened the mic for help. 'REED! Get in here and STOP THIS CRAZY THING!' is what I'm told he kept saying on mic between shouts of WACKY, WACKY, WACKY! Ahhh...the good old days..."

Was it true that WAKY used a Mackenzie Repeater (the precursor to the cart machine) for the shout? Johnny Randolph replied:

"Although Mackenzie machines were popular, WAKY didn't have one. The WAKY shout lived on a cart in a single unit machine behind the remote control equipment rack. It was actually in the newsroom, much to the dismay of Reed Yadon. We had a remote start button for it on the main control board."

So now we know.


WAKY Formatic Jingles
WAKY Formatic Jingles
2:35 - 1214 KB
WAKY CRC Jingles
WAKY CRC Series 8 and 10
8:10 - 3894 KB
WAKY CRC Series 13
6:51 - 3217 KB
WAKY CRC Custom Acapella
:09 - 77 KB
John W. Walker Acapella
:05 - 40 KB
WAKY Futursonic Jingles
Kwik-Qs Cuts
:24 - 195 KB
We don't know if WAKY ever used these, but they were on the jingle company's demo for the package.
WAKY Mark Century Jingles WAKY Weather Jingles
Young Americans Package
7:04 - 3319 KB
Download Them!
5:54 - 2767 KB
WAKY Tom Merriman Custom Jingles
Keyed Acapellas (1968)
5:01 - 2355 KB

Note: While many of these acapellas sound nearly identical, the basic "79 WAKY" cuts in this package were actually sung in different keys so they'd musically blend into the intro of the record they were played before (providing the record was labeled correctly). These jingles were taken straight from the station's master tape. Unfortunately, the tape had deteriorated to the point that many of the cuts are of marginal quality.

Series 14
5:01 - 2358 KB
Series 27
6:12 - 2909 KB
Series 28 and 31
5:35 - 2620 KB
Series 30 Chime Jingle
:05 - 45 KB
1969 Jingles
:33 - 265 KB
Grid Package
2:49 - 1324 KB
Philadelphia Story
1:33 - 727 KB
Shaft and Shotgun
1:54 - 1785 KB
Note: The PAMS Philadelphia Story, Shaft and Shotgun jingles were all recorded in the same November 1972 session.
See the PAMS cue sheet here.
For more information on PAMS jingles, go to the PAMS Website.
WAKY Singover Jingles
WAKY 1971 Singover Jingles
2:25 - 1136 KB
Aircheck of WAKY Singover Jingle
:19 - 155 KB
WAKY Gwinsound Jingles
WAKY Gwinsound Series 22 Package
1:09 - 543 KB
WAKY JAM Jingles
Composite and Custom Cuts
1:42 - 797 KB
Raft Race & Free Picnic Custom Cuts
0:40 - 314 KB
You've Got It (April 1977)
4:28 - 2101 KB
WAKY Radio Loves You Song (January 1978)
2:49 - 2315 KB
Tri-Star (1979)
3:30 - 2344 KB
For more information on JAM jingles, go to the JAM Website.
WAKY TM Jingles
Air Works
11:02 - 5178 KB
Image 73
1:43 - 812 KB
For more information on TM jingles, go to the TM Studios Website.
Rewound Radio WAKY and WHAS Jingle Spotlight
On one of his 2018 Sunday afternoon shows for Rewound Radio, JAM Creative Productions president
Jon Wolfert did a feature on jingles from Louisville's WAKY and WKLO.

Rewound Radio 2018 WAKY and WHAS Jingle Spotlight
17:00 - 7972 KB

On his June 13, 2021 Sunday afternoon shows for Rewound Radio, JAM Creative Productions president
Jon Wolfert did another feature on jingles from Louisville's WAKY.

Rewound Radio 2021 WAKY Jingle Spotlight
11:50 - 16,134 KB

Other Musical Productions
WAKY Logo Custom Moog Cuts
:58 - 459 KB
 Ramblin' Raft Race Song (1977)
3:26 - 3231 KB
 The Hiney Wine Song (Early '80s)
2:57 - 1388 KB

WAKY Promos
1960s Law Enforcement PSAs
(Produced by Mark Century Corporation)
1:14 - 174 KB
WAKY 2x4 Weekend Promo (1973)
(Voiced by Dude Walker)
:24 - 143 KB
Early 60s Fabulous Fibber Promo
:31 - 182 KB
Today on WAKY Promos (1966)
3:19 - 1168 KB
1969 Station Promos
(Voiced by PD Bob Todd)
:55 - 437 KB
1969 Apollo 11 Coverage Promo
(Voiced by ND Bob Watson)
:29 - 174 KB
1978 Gary Guthrie Promo Montage
2:18 - 812 KB
1979 Next Generation Teaser Promos
:47 - 280 KB
This montage of "Great News, Great Music and Great People" promos from 1979 features aircheck snippets from the WAKY DJs and newspeople.
Download It!
3:19 - 1167 KB
Weekend Listener DJ Promo (197?)
(Voiced by Bill Purdom and Chuck Jackson)
:59 - 351 KB
Haunted House Promo (197?)
(Voiced by Mike Griffin and featuring Alice Cooper)
:56 - 333 KB
Goldrush Promo (1979)
(Voiced by Mike McVay)
:38 - 228 KB
Haunted House Promo (1979)
(Voiced by Bill Purdom)
:42 - 247 KB
Oldies Format Switch Pre-Promos (1982)
(Voiced by Bob Moody )
3:51 - 1813 KB
Bring Back The Magic Promo (1982)
(Voiced by Bob Moody)
:47 - 372 KB
WAKY Stagers, Etc.
Sam Seeburg Drop-In
This was taken from an electrical transcription, but much of the original surface noise has been removed. You first hear how it originally sounded on WAKY, then we slowed down the pitch so you can hear the "real" voice. (This was most likely recorded at another McLendon station according to Hal Smith.)
:31 - 181 KB
When WAKY News Ends Stager
Voiced by Bob Russell
:10 - 80 KB
All Heart Country Jingle with Bill Crisp Instant Request ID
:20 - 164 KB
Early 1960s Intros, DJ Promos and IDs
4:18 - 2022 KB
DJ Hop Caravan Open and Bed #1
:57 - 340 KB
DJ Hop Caravan Open and Bed #2
:55 - 324 KB
Platter Pull Hitline Stagers
:12 - 74 KB
Hello WAKY Jackpot Production Piece
:25 - 152 KB
1969 "X" Years Ago Today Stagers
(Voiced by PD Bob Todd)
1:06 - 389 KB
1969 Giant Weekend Stagers
(Voiced by PD Bob Todd)
:26 - 155 KB
 Mike Griffin's WAKY Talk Show Open
:29 - 170 KB
WAKY News Department Production
Pacesetter News Open and Sounder
:27 - 162 KB
Early 1960s News Production Montage
3:03 - 550 KB
Al Smith Editorial
(Al was the President and GM of WAKY circa 1969)
1:33 - 550 KB
1969 News Sounder and Teletype SFX
:19 - 152 KB
News Bulletin Open and Sounder
:19 - 151 KB
Dateline 79 Open and Close
:59 - 468 KB
News Production Dry Voiceovers
2:50 - 1331 KB
WAKY 1981 Scoreline Montage
2:23 - 843 KB
WAKY Commercials
1970s WAKY Commercials Montage
It's the longest spotset you never heard on WAKY
22:37 - 7953 KB
On January 20, 2006, former WAKY Production Director Mike Griffin
sent us the following comments on the above montage of commercials:

"I just listened to the commercial montage on the jingles page. I remember a lot of the production. I want to mention a couple of them. Masarati boots, about 13 minutes in. The straight voice is Chris Lundy; in the background Gary Burbank does a Cheech and Chong thing. Chris was a great voice, too few examples of his work remain. Chris had been at WAKY for several years, then suddenly sometime in late 1971 or early '72 (I think) he was gone. I never learned why, just gone -- Johnny Randolph filling in for him until....did Dude Walker move from the 6PM slot to replace him?

"The commercial after, Penny Pants Arcade, is all Burbank (as if you couldn't tell). Gary could sit down and knock something like this out in a few minutes. This was straight copy to be read but Gary put on his own twist. As good as he was on the air, he was amazing in production.

"Around 15 minutes is an Arby's commercial, from long after my time at WAKY, with Tom Prestigiacomo and Harry Lyles. I don't know anything about it other than -- I just really liked it, great work, a lot of personality in the voices.

"Just before 17 minutes on the montage is a Fredrick's of Hollywood commercial. The two main voices are WAKY sales people. Linda Boyd is the female voice (yes - she was cute and you would liked to have seen her in something from Fredrick's), I don't recall a name for the male voice (Joe ???) but he looked the part too; Gary King did the tag line. This is one of the few commercials that I wrote. Maybe this will spoil it, but the commercial never actually made it on the air; prudish times (not) the mid-70s. Nevertheless it was fun to do, fun to listen to late at night, and I had to laugh when I heard it again.

"Advertising adult films was at one time a significant, though small, amount of WAKY's spots. At around 4 minutes on the montage is a less than memorable, but typical, spot for 'Behind The Green Door' staring the Ivory Snow girl (Marilyn Chambers) and showing at the Crescent Theater. WAKY had all the best adult ads. They ranged from Live Adult Entertainment and films at what I think is now The Louisville Palace to the Crescent Theatre to Theatair-X, an X rated drive-in located in Southern Indiana whose screen was visible from I-65.

"Other than that it's interesting to hear spots from a number of places, most of which went out of business long ago: Playback (with an $18.88 FM converter for your car), Sizzler, Musicland, O.G. Wilson, Harlows.... Even Theatair-X is now only a shadow of its former self presently being only an indoor attraction. Oh the power of radio advertising."

Beach Boys Concert Spot #1
1:07 - 395 KB
Beach Boys Concert Spot #2
:37 - 221 KB
Weird Beard WAKY Commercials
3:58 - 1399 KB

This is a composite of commercials (mostly concert spots) produced
by Weird Beard during his WAKY days.

Broadcast Service Corporation Demo
5:42 - 2004 KB

In the early '70s Gary Burbank and some of the other WAKY jocks decided to syndicate their voices and production skills to other stations as "Broadcast Service Corporation." This Burbank-narrated demo tape features several snippets of WAKY commercials and other station production.

Chuck Jackson Sight & Sound Production Session
5:53 - 2071 KB

Believe it or not, radio announcers don't usually record commercials in the first take. This tape from the WAKY Production Room showcases the frustration of Chuck "Boogieman" Jackson trying to get 75 seconds of "Sight & Sound" copy down to 60 seconds -- something anybody who's spent time in a pre-digital production room can identify with. (Certain words have been bleeped to protect offensive ears.)

WAKY 23rd Anniversary Vignettes
These 1981 "thing of the past" promos (similar to ones done in 1981 for WAKY's 21st anniversary) include airchecks and promos from WAKY's Top 40 days. Some of the aircheck snippets come from longer recordings that are on this site, while others are new to us.
23rd Anniversary Promo - Bill Bailey
2:13 - 784 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Bill Crisp
2:23 - 842 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Coin Changer Contest
1:12 - 425 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - ESP Contest
1:18 - 460 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Gary Burbank 1
2:34 - 906 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Gary Burbank 2
1:07 - 393 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Gary Burbank 3
1:27 - 511 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Honda Contest
1:00 - 355 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Jason O'Brian
1:32 - 544 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Johnny Randolph
1:34 - 556 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Mason Lee Dixon
1:19 - 467 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Rear Window Contest
1:22 - 485 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Sukiyaki Offer
1:04 - 380 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Tim Tyler
2:21 - 827 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Tom Maxedon
1:23 - 487 KB
23rd Anniversary Promo - Weird Beard
1:39 - 584 KB
WAKY Miscellaneous Audio

Casey Kasem Salutes WAKY
1:03 - 374 KB

In this excerpt from a February 1977 American Top 40 show, Casey Kasem sends out props to WAKY's Ed Phillips and Steve Sheeley.

Karl Shannon WAKY Studio Phone Tape
4:46 - 1680 KB

Karl Shannon does the recording as Paul Stanley of KISS phones in liners for WAKY's "KISS Week" while three unidentified folks fake the voices of the other three members of KISS. You also hear "live" spots being recorded over the phone from WAVE-TV's Livingston Gilbert and WLKY-TV's Ken Rowland.