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WAKY Photos - Page 11

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Coyote Calhoun Coyote Calhoun
Coyote Calhoun Coyote Calhoun
Coyote Calhoun Coyote Calhoun with listener Jennifer Wilson
Coyote Calhoun with a WAKY listener
"Hey man...did you see that cool chick that walked by on the River City Mall?"
Coyote Calhoun
Coyote Calhoun in one of the WAKY Production Rooms
Santa and Coyote Calhoun in the WAKY lobby (Christmas Eve 1975)

Coyote Calhoun apparently had a death wish in 1976.
Coyote Calhoun in the ring before his match with Jerry Lawler. Bob Moody provides the details: "Coyote had bragged for weeks that he could beat Jerry Lawler because he knew the 'Bohemian Alligator Holt.' He made it sound like some highly secret and deadly wrestling move. On the night of the match Coyote and Lawler made their entrances, followed by a hooded wrestler with 'Bohemian Alligator Holt' on his shirt. The referee, Paul Morton, ruled that Lawler had agreed to wrestle Coyote AND Holt, so it was two against one. Holt started strong, but faded. When he tried to tag Coyote, Calhoun turned his back and waved to the crowd. Finally, Lawler delivered an uppercut that knocked Holt's hand into Coyote -- the rest is history."

Coyote Calhoun climbs in the ring for the 1976 bout with Jerry Lawler.
Coyote Calhoun with his new Corvette (1976)
Coyote Calhoun (L) and Wolfman Jack Bob Moody (L) and Coyote Calhoun
Bob Moody and Coyote Calhoun (1979)
Coyote Calhoun with George Chappel, lead singer for Cowboy George and the Beer Drinkin' Rodeo Band. (They were the house band at Butch Cassidy's Saloon.)
L-R: Coyote Calhoun, Dr. Doug Cook (bass player for "The Beer Drinkin' Rodeo Band), Unknown (1977)
Lee Masters, Coyote Calhoun and J.P. Pennington of Exile

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