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WAKY Photos - Page 12

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The painting of Chuck Jackson that hung in the WAKY lobby Chuck Jackson on the air at the Super 79 around 1973
Chuck Jackson at The Mall
Chuck Jackson (1978)
Chuck Jackson WAKY publicity shot Chuck Jackson cookin' in the night-time
Chris Lundy Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy (April 1973)

Weekend Warrior Steven Lee Cook
DJ portraits in the WAKY lobby
Three unknown ladies in the WAKY lobby (December 1973)
WAKY salesman and concert promoter Trigg Black (as in "A Trigg Black Production")

WAKY received this gold record for Charlie Rich's "Behind Closed Doors"
Lee Masters
Lee Masters gets ready for his next set of commercials.
Lee Masters plays the hits on the Super 79!
Lee Masters
Lee Masters with a WAKY listener
Lee Masters Charlie Blue
L-R: WAKY Promotions Director Penny Whitaker in Las Vegas
with Richard and Karen Carpenter and two WAKY contest winners
Promotions Director Penny Whitaker presents a WAKY beach towel to a winner 

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