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WAKY Photos - Page 7

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John W. "Dude" Walker
Dude Walker gets ready to spin another "WAKY Oldie"
"WAKY's John W. Walker, Kentuckiana chairman for St. Jude Hospital, shown counting part of the Ten Thousand Dollars donated last weekend. WAKY thanks all who helped the Dude help St. Jude."
Dude Walker on the air at the Big 79
Dude Walker (1970)
Dude Walker emcees a dance at the VFW hall in St. Matthews.
Dude Walker with the WAKY Wart Hogs
Dude Walker (April 1973)
Dude Walker (April 1973)
Dude Walker (July 1973) "Dig it Louisville!"

Dude Walker takes a pause for the cause.

Why is Dude Walker smiling? Because he knows he has the deepest voice on Louisville radio!
Dude Walker (1973)
WAKY's Dude Walker pulls another "Town (Beep-Beep) & Country (Banjo Lick) Ford" spot.
Dude Walker hosting WLKY-TV's "Dialing For Dollars"
This 1974 photo was taken at Eastern High School in Middletown
just a few weeks before Dude Walker left WAKY.
This painting of Dude Walker hung in the WAKY lobby.
Monkey Meeks, the Louisville band that Dude Walker managed. Second from left is Becky Hall, who worked at WAKY. To the right of her is Steven Lee Cook, WAKY's Weekend Warrior.
Dude Walker left WAKY in 1974 to go to CHUM in Toronto.
WMAQ publicity card for Dude Walker, a couple of gigs post-WAKY
Dude Walker later had a successful TV career as a weatherman for WREG-TV in Memphis, under the airname he previously used in Memphis radio, Johnny Dark.
Dude Walker (a.k.a. Johnny Dark) and son Robert on the weather set at WREG-TV in Memphis
Post-radio photo of Dude Walker on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

On the left is a '60s or '70s photo of wrestler Sputnik Monroe, Dude Walker's godfather. Sputnik appeared at several of WAKY's "Tuesday Night Wrestling" events. On the right in a May 2005 photo of Dude and Sputnik. Dude writes: "Sputnik was inducted into the Memphis Rock and Soul museum along with Elvis, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, etc. Thursday, he and I were inducted into the 7th Inning Sports Museum here in Memphis. Sputnik wrestled his last match at age 70 in Houston, Texas and went out a winner."

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