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WAKY Promotional Material

On this page you'll find scans and photos of WAKY promotional material listed chronologically.
Some scans are in .pdf format, so make sure you have the free Adobe Reader to view them.

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1960s WAKY Coverage Map
1962 Louisville Pulse Ratings (By Station) 1962 Louisville Pulse Ratings (By Hour)

This ad appeared in the Courier-Journal on October 1, 1959


WAKY Lighter and Pen
1962 Louisville Hooper Ratings 1962 Pulse Louisville News Survey
1962 WAKY Rate Card Inside 1962 WAKY Rate Card Outside

1962 newspaper ad


1967 QSL card

1969 QSL card from Patrick Martin, who writes: "The reception was made from Warrenton, Oregon, about 4 miles North where I live now. I was using an old EH Scott communications receiver connected to a 600 foot longwire antenna running north-south. Of course, the dial was much clearer in those days. Caught WAVE 970 about the same time."

We don't know much about this item or Frank and Fred. If you do, let us know!

Ad for a WAKY-presented Three Dog Night concert at Freedom Hall

Ad for a 1970 WAKY-presented Three Dog Night concert -- love those ticket prices!

The front cover of the 1967 Louisville Scene album with photos of the WAKY DJs (sort of)

The back cover of the 1967 Louisville Scene album

The Louisville Scene

Over the past four years at the Rod 'n Custom Car Show here in Louisville, I've had the feeling that the fantastic success of this annual event belongs as much to the participating bands as it does to the owners of the "Dream Cars" on display.

Each year the number of bands have increased and each year the crowd drawn to the bandstand gets bigger and bigger. This is proof that Kentuckiana is one of the finest training grounds for the bands in the nation. Other cities haven't had the turnout for the band battle that we've had in Louisville.

This past year, the WAKY Dee-Jays and I decided that the awards to the winning bands should be more than a trophy or cash. The one prize that would mean more to a winning band would be a record. So, we've decided that an album spotlighting the top twelve bands was the answer. And it was!

I've just heard this album, the first on the Rod 'N Custom label and the decision to release an album has certainly been justified. It's great! They are fantastic!

Many thanks go to previous band battle winners -- The Chanteurs, The Majestics and The Sapphires -- who took the time to judge this event and select the twelve winning bands. Now hop under the hood of this album jacket and hear for yourself.

Carl Casper


Rod And Custom LLP 3001

Side I

"Round 'N Round"
(The Secrets)

"Something You Got"
(The Lynchmen)

"Gee Whiz"
(The Carvavans)

"One More Chance"
(The Rondells)

(The Pas-Tells)

"Can't You See That She's Mine"

Side II

"What Made You Change Your Mind"
(J.C. and the Humans)

"Last Time"
(The Patriots)

"Hey, Hey, Hey"
(The Malibu's)

"Gotta Girl"
(The Sixpence)

"Talkin' About You"

(The Vibratones)

The Louisville Scene is distributed exclusively by:

Kentuckiana Record Sales
P.O. Box 261, Louisville, Kentucky 40201

1963 WAKY Invoice 1964 WAKY Time Order
Air Traffic Reports Flyer 1  Air Traffic Reports Flyer 2 Air Traffic Reports Flyer 3
1963 Program Guide Page 1 1963 Program Guide Page 2 1963 Program Guide Page 3
1966 "Bucks for the Belle" Flyer 1967 Beach Boys Concert Ad
LIN Broadcasting Christmas Card (Outside) LIN Broadcasting Christmas Card (Inside)
Early 60s Program Schedule Page 1 Early 60s Program Schedule Page 2
Early 60s Program Schedule Page 3 Early 60s Program Schedule Page 4
1968 WAKY Rate Card (Outside) 1968 WAKY Rate Card (Outside)
1968 Bill Crisp "Yummy In The Tummy Pills" Winner Letter

1969 WAKY Super Giants Double LP Set

1969 WAKY Super Giants Double LP Set

WAKY Super Giants LP track listing

WAKY Super Giants LP note from "The Big 79 Jocks"
1971 American Pie Handout

Mason Lee Dixon writes: "Here is the original handout (1971) on my interpretation of the classic song 'American Pie' from that year. Don McLean wrote it and WAKY promoted the song with this flyer."

WAKY License Plate

WAKY Oldies LP Cover

WAKY Oldies LP Track Listing

WAKY Dart Board
WAKY Cowsills Concert Newspaper Ad
WAKY October 28, 1972 Newspaper Ad

WAKY Steve Miller Band Concert Newspaper Ad
WAKY J. Geils Band Concert Newspaper Ad

WAKY '70s LP of local bands

WAKY '70s LP of local bands

Ad promoting a concert at a local roller rink emceed by a WAKY DJ

These key chains are some of the many promotional items Penny Whitaker
created during her 9 1/2 years as WAKY's Continuity and Promotions Director

WAKY Quarter Hour Maintenance Checklist

Johnny Randolph writes about the checklist: "I used it about the whole time I was Program Director. The jocks were required to get each element in every quarter hour and could combine the elements. The goal was to keep us on track with the basics. I even required the deejay to write down the song title. (Sounds like BMI week.) When I sprung an aircheck session, I used the finished sheets for reference. You may think this procedure was viewed as a pain by the jocks but it was to the contrary. Burbank was the biggest advocate."

Lee Gray WAKY Remote Ad (1973 or 1974)

WAKY Billboards (Early '70s)

1974 Summer Jam Concert Ad

Front cover of a WAKY sales promotional piece

Freedom Picnic #9 (1974) promotional material

Freedom Picnic #9 (1974) promotional material

1975 postcard sent to WAKY's "Name It and Claim It" winners

WAKY John Denver promotional one-sheet

Promotional piece from WAKY's 1975 Free Picnic

Promotional piece from WAKY's 1976 Free Picnic

WAKY Sixties Weekend promotional one-sheet

Bill Bailey 1976 Promotional Piece Gary King 1976 Promotional Piece
Bob Moody 1976 Promotional Piece Coyote Calhoun 1976 Promotional Piece
News Department 1976 Promotional Piece
WAKY CB Jargon Reference Guide WAKY Third Ramblin' Raft Race Flier
WAKY Ramblin' Raft Race Record Cover Front WAKY Ramblin' Raft Race Record Cover Back

WAKY Loves You Sticker

WAKY Loves Me Patch

Late '70s WAKY Logo Patch

WAKY Car Star Decal

Letter sent out to a WAKY winner

Ad for the WAKY Derby Disco concert

WAKY coffee mug from the late '70s

WAKY sign

Remember this WAKY promotional button? Tom Prestigiacomo writes: "'Thank WAKY It's Friday' was the name of the happy hour parties WAKY hosted with clients. They were Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m. In-house they were called 'TWIF Parties' and the the promo song for the spot came from the movie 'Thank God It's Friday' with Bill Purdom dropping in a ballsy, bass 'WACKY' in place of 'God.' We always sent a talent to do call-ins. Crowds were good-to-very-good depending on which bar hosted."
1980 "Happiness Is" Newspaper Ad (Top Half) 1980 "Happiness Is" Newspaper Ad (Bottom Half)

WAKY bumper sticker used during the Oldies format

1983 bumper sticker
1983 Silver Anniversary Concert Flyer