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WAKY Photos - Page 2b

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Bill Crisp WAKY publicity photo
Dale Reeves WAKY publicity photo
Ed Walker WAKY publicity photo
George Williams WAKY publicity photo
Jim Brand WAKY publicity photo
1967: Johnny Locke, Al Risen, Steve Baron, Tim Tyler, Bill Crisp, Weird Beard and Farrell Smith
WAKY Sales Department and management (plus Bill Crisp, PD), taken on December 16, 1967.
Standing, left to right: Jay Epstein, Dick French, Jim Davis, Bill Crisp (PD), Tim Tyler
Seated: left to right: Al Smith, Don Meyer, Jack Sumner
Tom Dooley and Johnny Randolph
Buddy Kay
Steve Baron
Jim Brand (C) with two visitors, Joey Stamper (L) and Galen Poole (R)
Bob Watson

Bob Watson

Bill Crisp
Bill Crisp and Bob Watson
Byron Crawford
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