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WAKY In Print Page

A great radio station and its people tend to get lots of press.
Here you'll find links to newspaper and magazine articles about WAKY.

Billboard 1958 WAKY Article

What did Billboard Magazine write about the launch of WAKY in 1958? Find out here.


Courier-Journal columnist David Inman has written a book called: "Fourth Street Nights: The Golden Age of Louisville Top 40 Radio." Our thanks to David for allowing us to publish the first chapter.

Gary Burbank Ink

Read articles about one of WAKY's most popular afternoon drive DJs after he left the Super 79.

Good Times

In late 1980 WAKY published a direct-mail tabloid called "Good Times". Read selected articles from it here.

Kentucky Monthly Article

This four-page article was published in the April 2003 issue of Kentucky Monthly and is a "must read" for any WAKY fan. The article is in PDF format, so make sure you have the free Adobe Reader to view it. Many thanks to the writers and editors from Kentucky Monthly for their permission to post the article for the world to enjoy.

Leonard Yates, Disc Jockey

Read a 1983 Courier-Journal feature about Leonard Yates, WAKY's "Fourth Street Countdown" host.

Rock Radio: Sweet Sound of Money

This March 1971 Louisville Scene feature provides a great snapshot of the state of early '70s Derby City Top 40 radio and how it influenced at least one Louisville MOR station.

There Will Never Be Another WAKY

On January 21, 2006 the Times-Mail of Bedford Indiana published a nice piece on our favorite radio station. and they graciously gave us permission to include it here. Follow-up letters to Roger Moon, the author of the piece, can be found here.

Tom Prestigiacomo: Long Player

Former late '70s WAKY midday jock Tom Prestigiacomo celebrates 25 years on the air doing PM drive at FM 100 in Memphis.

Voices In The Morning

This 1982 article from the Courier-Journal on July 29, 1982 profiled all of the morning jocks on commercial radio in Louisville at that time, including a few former and future WAKY employees.

War On The Airwaves

War On The Airwaves is an article that appeared on the Scene section of the Courier-Journal on March 29, 1980. It offered a snapshot of the state of "rock radio" in Louisville right before 1980's Spring ratings period began.

More WAKY Newspaper Articles

DJs or Deejays: Both Are WAKY is a December 1965 article from The Declaration, the newspaper of Thomas Jefferson High School. The subjects are Jack Daniels and George Williams.

Tim Tyler, WAKY Disc Jockey, Talks About Louisville Teens is an undated article from "The Chit Chat" (a high school newspaper we assume) about the popular 1960s WAKY DJ.

A Disc Jockey Needs 3 Hands is a late-60s Louisville Times article that spotlights WAKY midday jock Jim Fletcher.

Louisville's Midnight Cowboys looks at some of the city's all-night jocks in April of 1970.

The Johnny Randolph-Charlie Rich Story is a mid-70s Courier-Journal column tells the story of how WAKY Program Director Johnny Randolph helped relaunch the career of Charlie Rich by going "Behind Closed Doors."

Back From The Big Time profiles Lee Gray, Bill Bailey and Gary Burbank, three DJs who left Louisville for major markets but returned to the Derby City.

DJ Dictionary: Who's Who On The Radio is a scan of a Louisville Scene newspaper page from TV-Radio Critic Vince Staten that shows who was on the radio in the Derby City in February, 1979:

Top Half | Bottom Half

New Louisville Deejay Has Two Voices is a September 1981 Courier-Journal Accent column that profiles WAKY's husband-and-wife morning team, Tim and Ev Kelley.

A Little Help From Friends Launches Party At Cristy's is a November 1983 Courier-Journal article column that spotlights a WAKY Beatles promotion.

City's Airwaves Went WAKY In The Old Days Of Rock 'N' Roll is a 1986 Courier-Journal Cityscape column that looks back at WAKY's early days and more famous personalities.

Rocked By The Present, WAKY Will Roll Into The Past For Good is an excerpt from an August 1986 Tom Dorsey Courier-Journal column that talks about the WAKY call letters disappearing from the Louisville airwaves.

Louisville Radio Station Was One Wacky Place To Work is an October 6, 1989 Lexington Herald-Leader column previewing Jack Pattie's WVLK show that featured Johnny Randolph, Gary Burbank and Bill Bailey.

There Will Never Be Another WAKY and More About WAKY are early 2006 columns by Roger Moon from Bedford, Indiana's Times-Mail.

The Heart of WAKY: Johnny Randolph Remembered is a Summer 2006 Louisville Sun article by WHAS talk show host Joe Elliott.

Early Top-40 Days Of WAKY, WKLO Will Resonate At Reunion is an August 2, 2006 Byron Crawford Courier-Journal column that reminisces about WAKY's glory days and promotes the 2006 WAKY-WKLO Reunion.

KOOL No More; WAKY Is Back On Local Radio is a May 13, 2007 Courier-Journal column from Byron Crawford about the return of WAKY to the Louisville market.

WAKY: The Soundtrack For Many Lives is a September 2007 column by the Times-Mail's Roger Moon.

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