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WAKY Airchecks

On this page you'll find downloadable WAKY airchecks in MP3 format. After the composites and documentaries, airchecks are grouped by on-air personality or newsman in alphabetical order. We're continuing to add come back every few days to see what's new.

Do you have any WAKY airchecks to share? Drop us a line. We'll be happy to archive any WAKY tapes we don't already have to CD at no charge.

"WAKY Remembered"

This one-hour tribute to WAKY was produced by John Quincy in 2003 with the assistance of former WAKY Program Director Johnny Randolph. It features several airchecks of some of WAKY's top personalities during the Johnny Randolph years, along with an interview with JR himself.

It's located on the ReelRadio Website and is RealAudio format.

WAKY Remembered

CD copies of "WAKY Remembered" are available for $7.90 apiece, plus $3 for postage and handling.
All proceeds go for operating expenses for this Website.
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WAKY Composites
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WAKY Documentaries

Here are a couple of outstanding (and award-winning) documentaries produced by the WAKY news department. Soul Searching was done in 1969 and deals with race relations in Louisville. The subject of 1970's America, What's That Sound was the politics of the country (Liberals vs. Conservatives). Except for an open and close on Soul Searching by WAKY News Director Bob Watson, these documentaries feature no narration (just music, actualities, and sound effects). Mike Summers, who engineered both projects, gives us a little background on their production: "They were done on 2-track Scully and Ampex decks, using dub after dub to create all the layers. We did them at 15 ips, as I recall, to reduce the loss from all the dubbing. The 'master' was perhaps three generations old. Not to mention there were probably 100 splices in each one!"

Download "Soul Searching"
30:16 - 10,644 KB

Download "America, What's That Sound"
23:57 - 8246 KB

In this 1969 pre-recorded presentation, WAKY examines the rumor of Paul McCartney's death. Here's some background from then-PD Bob Todd:

"It is my voice. I have to give tons of credit to Production Director Jim Fletcher for helping me put it all together. Again, it was a real team effort. And I have to say it again that Fletcher deserves a lot of credit for it. He wrote at least half of the copy with me. He went up a huge notch in my book that week. He was really talented with a razor blade. What a great promotion it was.

"As I recall, when we heard about it, I think Skinny Bobby Harper got hold of the story from a friend at Keener (notice the mention of WKNR in the program). He and Gary Burbank, Dude Walker and Weird Beard were on it like bees on honey for a week at least gathering clues from listeners: 'Is Paul McCartney really dead?' 'Listen and look for the clues in their songs, their album covers, the photo inserts and tell us if you find any more.' They'd give a clue and ask: 'Is Paul McCartney really dead?'

"The teen audience responded like crazy. The phones went bonkers. Somewhere I think I have an aircheck of that week of zaniness within my boxes of tapes. When I find it I'll pass it on. Everybody played a part in that one, all of the jocks. It was a huge station event.

"Fletcher and I holed up in the Production Room for days putting it all together in a special half-hour program and promoted it heavily. We ran it every 2 hours or something over the following weekend and periodically for another week at night. It was another departure from our regular programming that stood out like a sore thumb. But the only real sore was the one it put on WKLO. Another reason we creamed them. Teamwork wins every time.

"I always thought it would make a terrific TV program with all the visuals and the music it would be great nostalgia. Still would be."

Download "Is Paul Dead?"
23:19 - 8,333 KB

WAKY News Department Richard Nixon Visit Coverage - September 21, 1960

Vice-President Richard Nixon pays a visit to Louisville as part of his unsuccessful bid for President...and WAKY's crack news department is all over it. In this right-off-the-board 'check, you'll hear live reports from Jon Poston and Tom Perry, full newscasts from Mike McCormick, and DJ breaks from Bob Russell and Art Keller.

Download It!
28:48 - 10,128 KB

WAKY News Department Dupont Disaster Coverage - August 25, 1965

In this collection of aircheck segments, you can hear how WAKY covered the explosion at the Dupont Plant in 1965. WAKY Program Director Jim Brand was the DJ on duty. You'll also hear WAKY News Director Bob Watson, plus Bill Kennedy, Don Sheridan and Jack Daniels. Bob remembers: "Bill Kennedy and I were out there most of the time, three days in a row, sleeping in the mobile unit and eating Red Cross food. Our National Headliners Award was mostly based on our coverage of the Dupont plant explosion from which newsman Bill Kennedy and yours truly came close to getting blown away."

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18:51 - 6632 KB

The Last Hours of WAKY

All good things must come to end...even legendary radio stations like WAKY. Here's a scoped version of the last few hours of WAKY, recorded on Sunday night, August 31, 1986. Along with many members of the then-current WAKY airstaff (including Gary Clark, Joe Elliott, Mark Stahr and Mark Strauss), former program director Johnny Randolph appears for the last 90 minutes as the oldies format gives way to beautiful music.

Download Part 1
18:18 - 6440 KB
Download Part 2
16:10 - 5688 KB
Download Part 3
19:18 - 6788 KB
Download Part 4
16:34 - 5830 KB
John Alexander
Here's a John Alexander overnight newscast from January 1971.
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4:13 - 1484 KB
John Ashton
This historic 1980 aircheck with John Ashton was recorded at the time Yoko Ono asked the world to remember John Lennon, just a few days after Lennon's death.
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16:02 - 5638 KB

Bill Bailey
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The Outrageous Marty Balou
Marty gets a late-night visit from a slightly inebriated
Bob Moody in this late '70s aircheck.
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2:57 - 1038 KB
Jim Brand
We hear one break from Jim plus part of a newscast by Bill Kennedy (year unknown).
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1:15 - 442 KB
Gary Burbank
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Coyote Calhoun
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Gary Clark
These two airchecks came from the same show in December of 1984:
Download #1
11:47 - 4143 KB
Download #2
11:09 - 3923 KB
Steven Lee Cook
The Weekend Warrior plays the hits in 1975.
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6:40 - 3129 KB
Steven Lee does middays in August 1983.
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16:36 - 5840 KB
This isn't a WAKY aircheck, but it will be of interest to many WAKY fans. Former WAKY jocks Steven Lee Cook and Johnny Randolph team up for a Million Dollar Weekend on WHAS in the mid '80s.
(Note: This a different show than the WHAS airchecks in the Johnny Randolph section.)
Download Part 1
21:15 - 7474 KB
Download Part 2
22:02 - 7752 KB
Byron Crawford
Byron does the news on the Bill Crisp show in the late '60s.
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5:47 - 713 KB
Bill Crisp
This AM drive aircheck was recorded in the Spring of 1967.
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2:01 - 2037 KB
Liz Curtis
Liz Curtis hosts WAKY's first midday shift as an Oldies station in 1982.  
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9:55 - 3487 KB
Here's Lizzie playing the oldies in morning drive on August 3, 1983.  
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24:16 - 8536 KB
Johnny Dark
WAKY's version of "Johnny Dark" does overnights in early 1970.
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1:33 - 550 KB
Mason Lee Dixon
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Tom Dooley
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Darrell Douglas
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Ken Douglas
Ken jocks a Million Dollar Weekend at the tail end of 1967.
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6:50 - 2406 KB
Bob Dries
Here's Bob on a 1981 Solid Gold weekend.
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12:18 - 4328 KB
Joe Elliott
Joe does middays in 1985.
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15:15 - 5365 KB
Joe handles PM Drive in March, 1986.
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12:16 - 5365 KB
Here's Joe doing Morning Drive on May 20, 1986 with Stan Cook on news.
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13:42 - 4822 KB
Jim Fletcher
This 'check is from early 1969.
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4:04 - 1434 KB
Rich Gimmel
Here's one of Rich Gimmel's first WAKY newscasts (March 1968).
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5:34 - 1959 KB
Rich Gimmel does the news on March 16, 1969.
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5:36 - 1970 KB
Here's a Rich Gimmel newscast from Derby Day, 1969.
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3:18 - 1165 KB
Rich Gimmel does a Saturday night DJ shift in 1969.
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1:40 - 589 KB
Scott Goettel
Scott does afternoon oldies in the summer of 1985.
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6:03 - 2132 KB
Jack Grady
Jack Grady plays the platters on the evening show in early 1961 in this off-the-board aircheck.
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13:44 - 4829 KB
Bill Graham
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Lee Gray
"Hello WAKY" with Lee Gray doing Middays
 on Friday, February 1, 1974
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7:49 - 2752 KB
Lee Gray on Middays in 1974
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3:28 - 1225 KB
Mike Griffin
This Mike Griffin August 1971 aircheck is bookended
by breaks from Weird Beard and Bill Bailey.
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19:39 - 6910 KB
Remember the 1972 "WAKY Goes Country" promotion?
This aircheck was recorded the "Aquarian Weekend" before.
Download It!

19:03 - 6699 KB
Mike plays the hits in October 1973.
Download It!

10:39 - 3749 KB
Mike plays the hits in September 1976.
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6:18 - 2219 KB
Mike hosts the WAKY talk show in early '77.
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9:40 - 3402 KB
Mike does overnights on March 7, 1977.
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10:53 - 3830 KB
Mike Griffin WAKY Talk Show Airchecks Page
Skinny Bobby Harper
This sounds like one of Bobby's first WAKY shows in 1969.
Quality is very good. Commercials and Jerry Scott's news elements are intact.
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23:31 - 8268 KB
Bobby Harper wakes up the Derby City on November 17, 1969.
Download It!
29:09 - 10,251 KB
Here's some Harper from December 4, 1969.
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6:53 - 2425 KB
Here's a montage of Bobby Harper produced bits from his his time at WAKY.
Download It!
8:03 - 2832 KB
This is from Bobby's next-to-the-last WAKY morning show on January 30, 1970.
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8:52 - 3119 KB
This clip came from Bob's final WAKY morning program in 1970.
Download It!
1:06 - 390 KB
Bobby Hatfield
Bobby Hatfield makes a WAKY listener a "star" in 1980.
You also hear a bit of Mike McVay in this short aircheck.
Download It!
:53 - 311 KB
Chuck Jackson
Here are three breaks from the Chucker from 1974.
Download It!
3:13 - 1134 KB
Chuck dishes up the boogie on October 13, 1974.
Download It!
30:47 - 10,826 KB
Chuck Jackson does a two-hour guest spot on 103.5 WAKY on October 11, 2007.
Download It!
25:18 - 11,864 KB
Bob Jannsen
Bob Jannsen handles overnights on June 1, 1969.
Download It!
17:54 - 6297 KB
Mr. Jannsen does overnights on June 24, 1969.
Download It!
28:16 - 9937 KB
Bob Jannsen works all-night on June 25, 1969.
Download It!
19:03 - 6698 KB
A Sunday afternoon in January 1970 with Bob J.
Download It!
6:25 - 2257 KB
It's B.J. on a Dance Marathon Weekend in 1970.
Download It!
8:57 - 3146 KB
Overnight on a Super Giant Aquarian Weekend
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6:01 - 2118 KB
Kris Kelley
Kris Kelley plays the hits on a
"Denver Weekend" in this 1974 aircheck.

Download It!
6:50 - 2405 KB
Here's Kris from Sunday, October 13, 1974.
Download It!
3:56 - 1384 KB
Kris Kelley takes a crack at vampires on the WAKY Talk Show.
Download It!
33:41 - 11,844 KB
Art Keller
These short breaks were culled from an off-air recording from 1960
 made by then-future WAKY DJ "Weird Beard" (Burt Markert).

Download It!
:58 - 343 KB
Gary King
Gary fills in for Bill Bailey on a cold Kentuckiana morning in January 1977.
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2:41 - 945 KB
Hear WAKY's midday jock entertain Kentuckiana in 1977.
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7:45 - 2729 KB
This is most of Gary's Valentine's Day 1978 midday show.
Download It!

13:43 - 4826 KB
B.J. Koltee
This aircheck came from WAKY's oldies days.
Download It!

2:15 - 797 KB
B.J. fills in on AM drive on September 10, 1982.
Download It!

7:12 - 2535 KB
B.J. plays the oldies on middays in 1983.
Download It!

14:30 - 5102 KB
Keith Landecker
Keith does the evening show on August 3, 1983.
Download It!

9:25 - 3314 KB
Keith does evenings in 1985.
Download It!

24:51 - 8736 KB
Keith does middays 1985.
Download It!

19:46 - 6950 KB
Jerry Leitzell
Here's a Jerry Leitzell WAKY newscast from 1981.
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1:48 - 637 KB
Harry Lyles
Hear Harry in the nighttime in June of 1979.
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8:15 - 2902 KB

Lee Masters
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Tom Maxedon
Here's the last newscast Tom did at WAKY (March 29, 1972) complete with a bit of Gary Burbank.
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5:49 - 2051 KB
Dave McCann
Saturday afternoon on WAKY with Dave McCann in 1979
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3:48 - 1342 KB
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin counts down the Top 100 of the year on Christmas Day, 1973.  
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4:24 - 1553 KB
Here's the tail end of Kevin's final WAKY shift (overnights) in 1974.
Included are complete newscasts from Woody Stiles.
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14:00 - 4925 KB
Mike McVay
Mike does PM Drive in 1979. (#1)
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14:15 - 5015 KB
Mike does PM Drive in 1979. (#2)
Download It!
19:31 - 6868 KB
Mike counts down the Top 79 of 1979 on New Year's Day, 1980.
Download It!
4:28 - 1571 KB
Mike interviews the legendary baseball player Pee Wee Reese.
Download It!
17:09 - 6033 KB
Mike talks to "Leave It To Beaver" stars Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow.
This aircheck also includes a newscast from Chary Southmayd.
Download It!
6:41 - 2355 KB
Jerry David Melloy
It's not WAKY, but this January 1977 aircheck of WHAS' "Metz Here" talk show features fill-in host Jerry David Melloy talking with WAKY PD Johnny Randolph, WLRS PD (and former WAKY jock) Lee Masters and WLOU PD Neal O'Rea about music on radio.
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25:51 - 9089 KB
Jim Miller
Jim fills in for Bill Bailey on a Saturday morning in 1972.
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7:56 - 2793 KB
Mike Mills
Here's Mike on a Solid Gold weekend in 1981.
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11:38 - 4090 KB
Mike plays the oldies in the Summer of 1983.
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2:18 -  810 KB
Bob Moody
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s Jason O'Brian
Jason rocks the Derby City in May of '72
Download It!
5:08 - 1809 KB
Jason takes care of nights in August 1972 
Download It!
8:12 - 2889 KB
Jason does nights in the Spring of 1973. 
Download It!
6:21 - 2236 KB
Jason covers the night shift in Summer '73.
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1:43 - 606 KB
Oldies Channel Programming
Near the end of its life, WAKY utilized satellite-fed Transtar Oldies Channel programming during some dayparts. Hear how 790 sounded with sat-jock Bill Michaels in August, 1986.
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14:38 - 5149 KB
Tom Perry
Tom DJs for Hal Smith in 1960 (#1).
Download It!
11:23 - 4005 KB
Tom DJs for DJ Hal Smith in 1960 (#2).
Download It!
17:43 - 6231 KB
Tom DJs a Sunday morning show on September 25, 1960.
Songs are scoped but most commercials are intact in this right-off-the-board aircheck.
Download It!
29:21 - 10,318 KB
Tom does the midnight news on October 21, 1960.
Download It!
5:22 - 1887 KB
Here's another Tom Perry newscast from 1960.
Download It!
7:08 - 2509 KB
Ed Phillips
A bit of overnights from WAKY's AC period
Download It!
:47 - 282 KB
Tom Prestigiacomo
This was recorded during WAKY's '60s Weekend in 1978.
Download It!
4:16 - 1506 KB
Here's another aircheck from WAKY's '60s Weekend in 1978.
Download It!
25:19 - 2053 KB
Tom interviews drag racer Dale Armstrong in 1979.
Download It!
8:07 - 2855 KB
Tom does middays on Saturday, August 4, 1979.
Download It!
8:07 - 8901 KB
Here's Tom's last WAKY show (August 31, 1979).
Included are two unscoped newscasts from Chary Southmayd plus a bit of Darrell Douglas.
Download It!
29:38 - 10,420 KB
Nearly 30 years later, Tom was back on WAKY -- WAKY-FM that is.
Here's a scoped version of Tom's two-hour guest DJ spot on 103.5 WAKY on July 21, 2007.
Download It!
25:37 - 12,010 KB
 Tom drops by WAKY-FM for another guest DJ spot, this time with Johnny Randolph, on August 27, 2008.
Download It!
10:44 - 5031 KB
Bill Purdom
Bill Purdom fills in for Bob Moody in January of 1981 on
Fourth Street Sunday Night with guest DJ Leonard Yates
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19:22 - 6811 KB
Johnny Randolph
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Sheila Richards
Hear Sheila do middays in April, 1986.
Download It!
4:23 - 1541 KB
Wes Richards
Here's Wes on New Year's Eve Eve in 1984.
Download It!
4:59 - 1757 KB
Rusty Rodgers
Rusty's first shift on WAKY in Spring '79
Download It!
5:01 - 1767 KB
Rusty does Sunday nights in Spring of 1979.
Download It!
12:06 - 4258 KB
Jack Sanders
Here's the Ol' Jumper on a Movin' Monday, March 6, 1961 along with newsman Thom Hall.
Download It!
20:28 - 9601 KB
Kim Scott
Here are two 'checks of Kim on WAKY's Solid Gold Weekend in 1981.

Download #1
19:34 - 6884 KB

Download #2
13:08 - 4691 KB
Don Sheridan
This is part of a 1966 WAKY newscast by Don Sheridan.
Download It!
2:54 - 1021 KB
Farrell Smith
Farrell Smith plays the WAKY hits on the first day of Spring 1967.
Included is a short newscast from Ron Statzer.
Download It!
17:39 - 6209 KB
Gene Snyder
Gene Snyder phones in "live" Fountain Ferry Park rollercoaster ride reports to Bob Watson in 1963.
Download It!
1:45 - 620 KB
Woody Stiles
This Woody Stiles newscast is from 1972.
Download It!

7:23 - 2600 KB
Woody Stiles does a newscast in 1974.
Download It!

4:01 - 1423 KB
Woody Stiles/Reed Yadon Public Affairs Vignettes
Download It!

22:00 - 10,316 KB
Woody Stiles "Seasons of the Cyclone" Vignettes
Download It!

8:56 - 4193 KB
Woody Stiles "Living with Life" Vignettes
Download It!

10:42 - 5016 KB
Mark Strauss
Here's Mark from May of 1981.
Download It!

5:05 - 2386 KB
This aircheck is from November 26, 1983.
Download It!

25:25 - 11,920 KB
Mark Strauss plays "the greatest hits of all time" in December 1985.
Download It!

4:47 - 2249 KB
Michael Summers
Here's most of a 1969 newscast from the future CNN Radio anchor.
Download It!

4:15 - 1499 KB
Byron Thomas
Byron does the news in 1974 on the Lee Gray show.
Download It!

7:04 - 2485 KB
Bob Todd
Program Director Bob Todd (who didn't pull a regular airshift during his time at WAKY)
kicks off WAKY's 3-day "Battle of the Giants" promotion on Friday, March 28, 1969
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21:57 - 7717 KB
Tim Tyler
In honor of Kyu Sakamoto's "Sukiyaki" hitting #1 in June 1963, Tim does his whole show in Japanese. English translations are provided by Jim Brand. Also heard: WAKY's Tom Perry and Bob Watson.
Download It!
13:55 - 6531 KB
Tim does AM drive on "The First Team Show" on January 3, 1964.
Download It!
19:05 - 8949 KB
This great-quality aircheck is from November 7, 1966.
Download It!
18:34 - 6528 KB
April Fools Day 1970 and WAKY commemorates the day by bringing back some the station's mid-60s air personalities to guest DJ. Tim Tyler takes his turn in this aircheck; also heard is Dude Walker.
Download It!
15:02 - 7052 KB
Tim Tyler returns to WAKY on Labor Day Weekend in 1980 to guest-DJ on "Fourth Street Sunday Night" complete with old jingles, great stories, and plenty of music from his original run at WAKY.
Download Part One
27:03 - 9510 KB
Download Part Two
28:31 - 10,029 KB

WAKY Weather Girl
Here's the WAKY Weather Girl doing an overnight forecast in the 1960s.
Download It!
:27 - 164 KB
John W. "Dude" Walker
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Bob Watson
Go to the Bob Watson Airchecks Page
Weird Beard
Go to the Weird Beard Airchecks Page
George Williams
This off-the-board 'check shows George Williams in fine form on Sunday night, October 6, 1963.
Download It!
17:00 - 5976 KB
Gerry Wood
Here's a phone interview that newsman Gerry Wood did with Louisville's own Cassius Clay in February, 1963. Included are bits Cassius did for Bob Watson and Jack Sanders.
Download It!
2:34 - 908 KB
Leonard Yates
Leonard does a "Name Game" theme on "Fourth Street Countdown" on January 16, 1983.
Download It!
24:53 - 8752 KB
It's an all-Beatles "Fourth Street Countdown" on October 9, 1983.
Download It!
14:44 - 5183 KB
It's a special "All Louisville Artists" edition of "Fourth Street Countdown" from
November 27, 1983 with special guests Diane Keene (singer with The Mystics) in Part 1
and Bill & Brenda Woods (authors of "Louisville's Own"
) in Part 2.
Download Part 1
29:41 - 7272 KB
Download Part 2
21:06 - 7421 KB
Leonard does a countdown of WAKY's hits from 1966 on January 22, 1984.
Download It!
28:59 - 10,192 KB
Leonard counts down WAKY's hits from 1973 on February 26, 1984 -- his last WAKY show.
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26:55 - 9472 KB
WAKY Country
After WAKY's short-lived Beautiful Music format came another format that didn't last too long: WAKY Country. This recording was made on the automated format's final day: February 28, 1988.

Download It!
15:32 - 5462 KB

Here's a scoped version of WAKY's final 15 minutes.

Download It!
8:41 - 3053 KB

Additional Airchecks Of Interest
Terry Young XM WAKY Tributes
Every Friday on the Terry Young Show on XM Satellite Radio Channel 6, he pays tribute to a great top 40 radio station from the 1960s. On September 24, 2004 the station was WAKY. This live show featured WAKY jingles and lots of local Louisville references including plugs for WAKY DJs. A scoped version of the first hour is presented here -- in stereo!
Download It!
16:03 - 7525 KB
All four unscoped hours of the first XM WAKY Tribute are available from Vuolo Video.
On April 14, 2006 Terry Young did another WAKY tribute on XM Satellite Radio Channel 6. Just like the first WAKY tribute (see above) there were lots of WAKY jingles and local Louisville references, plus a bunch of WAKY airchecks. Scoped versions of all four hours are available below.
Download Hour 1
19:39 - 6913 KB
Download Hour 2
17:33 - 6233 KB
Download Hour 3
20:58 - 7375 KB
Download Hour 4
24:49 - 8727 KB
 WFPL State of Affairs - July 7, 2006
On the 48th anniversary of WAKY's debut, Louisville's WFPL did a one-hour show about WAKY and WKLO. Guests included WKLO's Allen Bryan, WAKY's Mike Griffin, WAKY/WKLO's Mason Lee Dixon and John phone calls from Gary Griffin and Johnny Randolph. 

Mike Griffin, Mason Lee Dixon, and Allen Bryan with
WFPL State of Affairs host Julie Kredens

Download Part 1
15:50 - 5570 KB
Download Part 2
18:49 - 6615 KB
Download Part 3
15:13 - 5350 KB
WFPK Louisville's Lost and Found
"Louisville's Lost and Found" is a one hour weekly program on WFPK, one of Louisville's public radio stations. The show, hosted by Duke Meyer and Marvin Maxwell (and sometimes Leonard Yates), spotlights "lost" local music recorded in the '60s and '70s at Allen-Martin Productions (formerly Sambo Studios). Scoped versions of shows of particular interest to WAKY fans are presented here.

On the August 17, 2006 broadcast, former WAKY DJs Johnny Randolph and Tim Tyler joined Duke and Marvin by phone, along with musician Wayne Young.

August 17, 2006 Show
23:11 - 8152 KB

The February 22, 2007 show featured a phone interview with former WAKY and WHAS air personality Gary Burbank along with some of his records. Music historian Leonard Yates was in the studio too.

February 22, 2007 Show
30:58 - 10,890 KB

The March 8, 2007 program highlighted former WAKY DJ Tom Dooley and the Lovelights. Several members of the band were in the studio, while Tom joined the conversation via phone from Texas.

March 8, 2007 Show

38:16 - 13,453 KB

103-5 WAKY
At 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2007 oldies station "Kool 103.5" WASE in Elizabethtown, Kentucky switched their call letters to WAKY. The station can be heard through most of the Louisville market. Here's a scoped stereo aircheck of the final moments of WASE and the first hour of the new WAKY.

Download It!
17:09 - 12,061 KB

Your Webmaster has been honored to make 2-hour guest DJ appearances
on WAKY-FM in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. Check out the evidence below:
John Quincy 2007 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
22:41 - 7978 KB
John Quincy 2008 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
20:19 - 7144 KB
John Quincy 2010 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
17:09 - 12,062 KB
John Quincy 2011 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
20:31 - 19,247 KB
John Quincy 2012 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
14:22 - 13,474 KB
John Quincy 2014 103-5 WAKY Aircheck
8:07 - 7619 KB
Here's a scoped version of 103-5 WAKY's Eddie Lee's midday show on July 4, 2008.
You'll hear reports from WAKY's 50th Anniversary Free Picnic at Churchill Downs during the broadcast.

Download It!
60:40 - 28,379 KB

Former WKLO jock Joe London sits in with Johnny Randolph to play the hits on September 19, 2008.

Download It!
47:12 - 16,598 KB

Gary Burbank guests with Johnny Randolph to talk about Burbank's new biography
and reminisce about his time at the original WAKY. (October 14, 2009)

Download It!
57:53 - 40,707 KB

Two days after the passing of Bill Bailey, Johnny Randolph and Les Cook gather in the studio to reminisce about the Duke of Louisville's legacy. Participating via phone are's John Quincy and 790 WAKY alumni Gary Burbank, Mason Lee Dixon, Tom Prestigiacomo, Jason O'Brian and Dude Walker.
(January 16, 2012)

Download It!
47:56 - 22,472 KB